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Corporate Governance

Audit Committee

The audit committee comprises Mr. Tam Anthony Chun Hung, Mr. Huang Pu and Mr. Li Zheng, all being independent non-executive Directors. Mr. Tam Anthony Chun Hung is the Chairman of the audit committee. The primary duties of the audit committee are mainly to make recommendations to the Board on the appointment and removal of the external auditor, review the financial statements and provide advice in respect of financial reporting and oversee the internal control procedures of our Group. Terms of Reference

Remuneration Committee

The remuneration committee comprises Mr. Huang Pu, Mr. Ng Tak Kwan and Mr. Tam Anthony Chun Hung. Mr. Huang Pu is the chairman of the remuneration committee. The primary functions of the remuneration committee are to make recommendation to the Board on the overall remuneration policy and structure relating to all Directors and senior management of our Group, review performance based remuneration and ensure none of our Directors determine their own remuneration. Terms of Reference

Nomination Committee

The nomination committee comprises Mr. Liu Zaiwang, Mr. Huang Pu, and Mr. Li Zheng. Mr. Liu Zaiwang is the chairman of the nomination committee. The primary duties of the nomination committee include reviewing the structure, size, and composition of the Board, assessing the independence of independent non-executive Directors and making recommendations to the Board on matters relating to the appointment of Directors. Terms of Reference

Internal Control Committee

The internal control committee comprises Mr. Liu Zaiwang and Mr. Xie Jianyu. Mr. Liu Zaiwang is the chairman of the internal control committee. The primary functions of the internal control committee include monitoring our exposure to sanctions law risks and the implementation of the related internal control procedures, as well as screening new business or clients which may have a risk of breach of the United States, EU and Australian Sanctions to ensure our business will not be in breach of such sanctions.

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